Not Enough Wine to Cheer Up Kate Moss

Not Enough Wine to Cheer Up Kate Moss-photo

Kate Moss's job description requires that she be comfortable in front of a camera. But she looked pretty awkward when she was spotted in a London wine shop on Thursday.

Maybe Kate would be more relaxed if she shed some of those pesky inhibitions—like ditching that top she's wearing, or dumping some of that confining weave atop her head.

Those are some brave paparazzi, following Kate Moss into a room with so many handy bludgeoning tools sitting around. She'll use kids as weapons. Imagine her at work with a couple of bottles.



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  • briony dyer
    briony dyer

    Hey kendra we we're pregnant at the same time gosh they grow quik ae so cute I have number two on the way adictive

  • Roxana

    Aaww baby Hank is soo beautiful!You have a great family :D! w/<3 from Honduras! X

  • karla

    hola kendra siento mucho no saber ingles pero espero alguien te lo traduzca. Me encanta tu programa y quiero que sepas que tienes una hermosa familia te quiero bye. Saludos dede caborca sonora mexico

  • impy

    bullshit, in the video of her "using her kids as weapons" she is so fucking swarmed. I dont like kate moss now, she is a freak, but the papps are jus as bad.