VIDEO: Pink and Carey Hart Reunite in 'So What'

VIDEO: Pink and Carey Hart Reunite in 'So What'-photo

Still shots from hog-wild Pink's new video "So What" did the rounds recently, including one where she takes a chainsaw to a tree containing ex-husband Carey Hart's name on it.

But surprise—Hart is in the video goofing with his ex-wife, proving that Pink knows how to one-up the public.

Bonus points for the scene where her hair catches on fire.

"So What" is also the second most-downloaded song on iTunes after being made available this week. Nice job, Pink.

Just when you think the girl is licked, she comes back strong.



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  • Sabina and Demi
    Sabina and Demi

    We were not sure if it was actually Carey in the video or not... now that we know it is we are well impressed. Loved Pink for years and she just get's better and better with every album. Can't wait till she tours the UK... You GO girl!!! x

  • trish.

    i love pink.

  • littlenikita10

    It's unfortunate that at this time Pink and Carey Hart's careers are going in different directions. I think there's a true connection and strong bond between them and it's amazing when they can have fun in a video while going through a divorce. Perhapa some day they will get back together.