Winner Vs. Loser: Michael Phelps Over Jessica Simpson

Michael Phelps has been the hot talk of the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. He’s buff, talented, and seem’s pretty darn down-to-earth. And it looks like he’s not going away for some time:

  • He broke Mark Spitz’s record and is now the greatest Olympian Of All Time.
  • Amanda Beard, the super hot Olympic Swimmer, is rumored to be playing out of the water with Michael.
  • And, of course, Lindsay Lohan wants her turn!
  • Michael will have no problem getting any chick he wants, just look at him on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

In less patriotic news, Jessica Simpson just can’t catch a lucky break these days. While her sister has been in the news because she’s happy and glowing, Jessica seems to be getting the short end of the stick:

  • With her attempts at going Country looking sour, she has resorted to promoting Stampede Light Plus Beer.
  • She just admitted to checking her beau Tony Romo’s call logs. Paranoid much?
  • The only good press she’s been getting is for her daisy dukes. Yep, she’s still wearing them…3 years later. 
  • Well, on the plus side, John Mayer’s single again!