Anna Faris: On and Off Screen Playboy

Anna Faris may play clueless like it’s her job (well it is), but in real life, she’s one smart bunny.

Known for her comedic roles in Scary Movie, The Hot Chick and Just Friends, Anna’s newest role in the House Bunny doesn’t fall far from her past characters. But this is exactly what is expected of the hilarious and loveable Anna.

She plays a Playboy bunny turned sorority house-mom. The catch is that these girls are complete nerds. However, these girls teach Anna that what’s inside is most important, and, of course, she teaches them how to become beautiful and promiscuous! Sounds like a good deal. 

The movie also stars Emma Stone, the object of Jonah Hill’s affection in Superbad, American Idol’s Katharine McPhee, and the tumor-prone Rumer Willis