How To Live Like…Audrina Patridge

Blogger extraordinaire, Audrina Patridge, everybody’s favorite dark-haired Hills star, is one of Hollywood’s hottest for a reason.  The young starlet went from being Lauren Conrad’s sidekick to full-blown A-list celeb in her own right.

Take a look at 38 flawless poses.

How does she do it, you ask?  Celebuzz wrangles the scoop on how to live like Audrina!


With Audrina’s sudden launch to stardom, the girl’s under a lot of pressure to keep looking good at all times (paps are constantly lurking in dark alleyways and neighbors’ lawns).  Luckily, Audrina’s got it all under control in the beauty department.  Check out her three-step skin routine.

Step 1: Wash with Dermalogica face cleanser.

Step 2: Apply the toner.

Step 3: Finish with Active Moist moisturizer.

Well, there you have it!


While Audrina was blessed at birth with the gift of natural skinniness, she still tries to stay healthy and balanced by eating fresh and keeping active. 

“I eat whatever I want, just in moderation.  I drink a lot of water.  I eat a lot of fruit, veggies and sushi.  As far as exercising, I am always on the go.  When I get a chance I swim, dance, and hike,” she tells her fans on her blog. 

The starlet is also a fan of any outdoor activities, preferably those that take place on the beach (that explains her year round sun-kissed skin).


Audrina is often seen going in and out of trendy L.A. restaurants, specifically sushi with her latest arm-candy.  Wanna dine like Audrina?  Well now you can.  Here are her cherished restaurants:

  • “My favorite lunch spot right now is Paradise Cove in Malibu.  It’s right on the beach, so eating there is like a picnic!”
  • “For a cute dinner date Katana Sushi on Sunset is a perfect place.  They have a huge outdoor sitting area that is very romantic and their sushi is delicious!”
  • “One of my favorite places for a night out with the girls is Lola’s on Fairfax.  They have a huge menu of tasty appetizers and every martini you can imagine!”


If there’s an A-list event going on in Hollywood, Audrina is sure to be there!  A recent pap favorite, Audrina has been photographed everywhere from the X-Games, to Vegas, to the recent Hills Season 4 premiere.


Keep an eye out for Audrina. It’s looking like she’ll have a permanent spot on future red carpets. It’s not only her role on The Hills that will take her there!