Ashlee Simpson Pregnancy Update

Ashlee Simpson Pregnancy Update-photo

Ashlee Simpson is more than halfway through with her highly-publicized pregnancy (hello, Joe Simpson!); so catch up with the girl who's fully stepped out from her big sister's shadow. 

All the pieces of her are growing. Example A, B, and C.  

Maybe she's a little bashful, though, because she hasn't been out and about as much as she has been in the past. She does look damn good though, especially in those long dresses she seems to be quite fond of. 

Her hubby's also been out of the picture lately. Pete Wentz is probably busy consoling poor John Mayer, because he's probably soooo sad about his recent breakup. Right.

Fortunately, Ashlee already has a sitter reserved. Miley Cyrus. Yeah, good luck with that one, Ash.



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