Anna Faris: Scary Movie Star

Although Anna Faris’ new movie, The House Bunny, couldn’t beat Tropic Thunder in this weekend’s box office, film critics are buzzin’ about the hot blonde’s dazzling performance.

The new flick, which made $15 million over the weekend, is a goofy comedy in which Anna plays a playgirl-turned-sorority house mom. Most critics were pretty hard on the film, but felt quite differently about it’s leading lady.

LA Weekly’s Scott Foundas dished: “The movie is basically on one level and Faris on another—in that exclusive aerie occupied by Judy Holliday, Carole Lombard, Lucille Ball and a few other blissfully original comedy goddesses.”

The Time’s Nathan Lee finds her ”enormously gifted” and challenges someone to “write her the role she deserves.”

The actress’ drawback is that she seems to have played the same role in every project, from Scary Movie to The Hot Chick.

Her agent should read the papers and take these kind critics’ advice to heart. Next time they won’t be so nice!

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