Britney Spears: Overseeing Madonna on Tour

Recent birthday girl Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet tour opened over the weekend in Wales, and concert-goers were treated to the promised cameo appearance by Britney Spears.

Well, at least an appearance by Brit’s electronic presence.

Madge performs her song “Human Nature” while Britney (initially clad in a black hoodie and sunglasses) freaks out in an elevator on the giant video screens behind her.

At one point, Britney is lying in a fetal heap on the floor. True to life!

As the song progresses, Brit picks herself up to hiss the spoken word chorus (“express yourself, don’t repress yourself”).

The short clip ends with a full view of the Brit weave and her flashing eyes in all their crazy glory as she states her now famous catchphrase—”It’s Britney, bitch.”

The video-accompanied song looks to be a mainstay of Madge’s setlist.  So fans all around the world get an extra bang for their buck with the addition of Madonna’s former makeout partner and sort of protege.

If by protege you mean “what could have happened to Madonna if she wasn’t so robotically ambitious.”