David and Victoria Beckham: Crash or no Crash

Weekend gossip had David and Victoria Beckham involved in a car accident in France on Friday. However, their spokeperson says the stories are simply not true.

Darn it! Headlines like “Beckham Car Crash Terror” are so much fun!

The intial story was that Posh and Becks’ car slammed into a wall while Men’s Health cover stud David was headed to the Nice Airport to catch a plane to the closing Olympics ceremony in Beijing.

“There was no car crash,” Beckham handler Cheryl Maisel told the New York Daily News.

“David and Victoria Beckham were driving a car that had been scratched the day before when it had been left parked at the airport—they were not involved in any accident at all.”

True or no, this wouldn’t have been the first time the Beckhams experienced an emergency revolving around an airport.