Faith Evans Is no Stranger to Fisticuffs

Singer Faith Evans has a new memoir out called Keep the Faith, reports Page Six. In it, she details her penchant for wailing the stuffing out of various hoes she caught with her now deceased husband, Notorious B.I.G.

“I thought maybe kicking some ass would get the word out that chicks better think twice before messing with my husband,” she writes.

Evans details one vengeance crusade in which she boarded a red-eye flight from New York to Virginia for one specific reason—to beat the crap out of a Biggie mistress.

“[I] jumped on top of her and started beating her ass . . . ‘Yo, Ma you need to chill!’ Big said, ‘I didn’t even [bleep] her!’ I mashed [her] in the face and then kicked her. ‘Yeah, well, you should have,’ I said.”

Evans also reports that she once found a woman’s picture with a phone number in Biggie’s car and traveled to the Bronx to give the lady in question a “brief but thorough beatdown.”

Forget R&B, Faith should just work as a bouncer. Would YOU tangle with her?

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