Kim Kardashian: Injured, But Still ‘Dancing’

Your dreams of Kim Kardashian joining the cast of this season’s Dancing With the Stars have been realized!

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star shot a video while practicing her moves to tell you all about her newest gig.

And, lucky her—she’s paired up with multi-talented dance pro Mark Ballas!

Meanwhile, all this fancy footwork doesn’t come without a sharp price.

Kim was in New York promoting Disaster Movie and the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians over the weekend.

While in her hotel room, she managed to gouge her big toe on a cracked glass table.

“I was checking emails in my hotel room and placed my computer on a mirrored desk. There were parts of the glass mirror that were cracked, and when I finished up my work and got up, my foot rubbed against it and it sliced it open.”

Fear not, Dancing fans—no stitches were needed, and Kim confides exclusively to Celebuzz: “I am committed to DWTS, and this injury won’t slow me down!”

She notes that she’s “totally okay” and she says this “WILL NOT affect my ability to compete in Dancing With The Stars!

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