Lindsay Lohan Is Smokin’ on an Anti-Asthma Diet

Even though she’s having a tough go of breaking her smoking habit (a common problem faced by ladies in Hollywood), Lindsay Lohan is following in the footsteps of fellow former rehabber Britney Spears and is trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle though diet.

While out to eat at Bar Pitti in New York, La Lohan was joined by her girlfriend Samantha Ronson and their mothers, Dina Lohan and Ann Dexter-Jones. A witness who spotted the foursome revealed to CELEBUZZ exclusively, “Lindsay kept touching Sam and she was reading an anti-asthma diet clipping.”

Lindsay’s trip to the hospital earlier this year was thought to be to treat her asthma. Perhaps the emergency room episode acted as a wake-up call for the starlet.

Either that, or catching a glimpse of Amy Winehouse prompted her to go cold turkey on any bad habit imaginable.