Michael Lohan and Kevin Federline: Punch Drunks

In what could be a climactic scene in a remake of Dumb and Dumber, celebrity dads Michael Lohan and Kevin Federline may soon be squaring off in the boxing ring.

Lindsay Lohan’s jailbird father tells OK! magazine that he has issued a challenge to Jayden James and Sean Preston’s pop.

“Everyone wants me to fight K-Fed because he’s a notorious celebrity dad and so am I,” Michael spills. “It’s for charity.”

The reasons why everybody wants to see K-Fed and Dad-han brawl may have less to do with celebrity fatherhood, and more to do with a guilty desire to see loudmouth, do-nothing, mooch parents bleed from the face.

The proposed benefactor for the bout is Long Island’s Fight for Charity, an excellent organization of humanitarians whose only fault is that their battles are not staged to the death.