Morning Frills #36: Kelly Brook Edition

Hey, check out Kelly Brook. The British model/actress/reality-TV host looks like she’s doing a cheer-leading routine: “Gimme a ‘Y’!”

As in, “Why does Billy Zane keep breaking up with me?”

Brook and Zane have split up twice this year, once in April and then, after a brief reconciliation, in August.

But Kelly’s emotional recuperation seems to be well underway, if these photos of her vacationing in the French Riviera are any indication.

A bright girl (as any host of Celebrity Love Island would need to be), Kelly knows that the best thing for a gal to do after a break-up is to throw on a skimpy swimsuit and make her former flame rue the day that he uttered the words, “Listen, we need to talk…”

Poor Billy; he’s obviously going blind.

Thankfully, those of us with eyesight can fully enjoy the gallery on the right.