Sean Combs: Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

Olympic-level lover Sean “Diddy” Combs had a big scare with the LAPD over the weekend. One that involved a drawn weapon.

Diddy and entourage were in a four-car motorcade early Saturday morning when cops pulled one of the drivers over for not having the proper tags.

The driver became “extremely uncooperative,” according to TMZ and the cops found it necessary to detain him.

Combs and company exited their vehicles, and approached the LAPD officers to see what the issue was.

One of the officers became nervous and reportedly drew his weapon.

The officers apparently did not know that Combs was part of the group.

Everyone eventually calmed down, and the driver was released. He wasn’t even ticketed, due to the car being a rental.

So that cop shouldn’t even bother trying to be cast for I Want To Work For Diddy.

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