Taylor Swift Bags a Jonas

Looks like there’s only one Jonas Brother still on the market

Rumors have Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift making music off the stage. Of course their reps are denying it, but they also know how important the Jonas fanbase is—and the millions of tiny hearts that will be crushed.

Joe was spotted in the crowd at Taylor’s concert in West Palm Beach on Sunday night. He wasn’t just being a fan. He also went backstage and hung out with her dad! Typical.

A source reported, “He watched only her performance, then walked backstage to the meet and greet area. But when he saw people start to recognize him, he hid. It was real obvious he didn’t want people to know he was there to see Taylor.”

Taylor also hung out with the bros last week when they shot scenes for Disney’s Channel’s 3-D Jonas Brothers flick, which comes out next February.

Wonder how many death threats she’s received so far?