Video Drop: Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Fall Hard

Video Drop: Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Fall Hard-photo

Butch opening act Demi Lovato and Nick of the headlining Jonas Brothers both tripped and fell on stage at a Chicago gig Sunday night.

Did someone toss banana peels into the path of the Camp Rock co-stars?

Or could it be that Demi and Nick are quite literally falling for each other?

Hmmm. If it's the latter, they'd best not tell Selena Gomez. (Or brother Joe Jonas...though he probably wouldn't mind too much these days.)



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  • demi nick lover
    demi nick lover

    demi and nick are so cute as a couple, I totally love, and maybe they have feelings for each other, they're just denying it... hahaha......I hope Joe and Selena wouldn't mind it.

  • aya29

    go go go NEMI.,.... you really look Good to each other... perfect combinaiton....

  • aya29

    i do love both of them!!!! nick and demi is really perfect... for me, i hope that someday nick and demi will have a project together and they are the star in that particular movie.. please disney give a chance,,, let that two....

  • krisella

    yeah i know..!!!they should totally go out!!!doesnt they know that if they do,they'll be the cutest and adorable couple ever...even way better than niley!!!!!!!i wish nick and demi could read this!!they should totally go out!!

  • Bobbay.

    DOOOD! Demi's fall made me laugh sooooo hard! Nick's wasn't that noticeable. omg. that made my day! =]

  • Becca

    yea they are denying it....

  • danikka

    omj. haha. i was thinking the same. they should TOTALLY go out!! i mean they're perfect for each other. they're just denying the fact that they like each other!!

  • rebecca

    i think that they should go out .... they make a good couple///

  • carla

    omg demi's fall made me laugh so hard. even tho i love her. nick was like "get up get up nick" xD they should so go out xD

  • Anngeka

    they are so cute together and i totally think their falling for each other i mean seriously nick is always smileing when demi is around i mean obviously demi makes nick smile and we all know thats very rare for nick j!

  • jenny

    they should sooo date =DDDDDDD

  • cuttie,.guurly (:
    cuttie,.guurly (:

    ahaha ! this is funny ! they are so0o meant ! to be ! LMAO !