Britney Spears Won’t Try And Top Last Year’s VMA Glory

Britney Spears’ management has announced that, despite rumors to the contrary, she will not be performing at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 7, according to the Daily News.

Brit filmed promos for the show with this year’s host, rat’s nest owner Russell Brand, but her manager, Larry Rudolph, says she’s content to sit this one out.

“There never were any plans for her to appear on the show,” a spokesman said.

Brit’s up for three awards this year, including Video of the Year for “Piece of Me.”

Britney has long been a mainstay for the VMAs. Noteworthy performances had her teamed with hissing snakes and making out with virtual tourmate Madonna.

Britney’s potbellied “comeback” at the 2007 VMAs involved her shuffling around the stage like she was lost in a strange city and neglecting to even attempt to lipsynch halfway through “Gimme More.”

Perhaps she wasn’t keen to repeat that this year.