Kate Hudson Wigs Out Over Hair Product Lawsuit

After going through a breakup and getting beaten in the looks department by Britney Spears, it’s easy to see why Kate Hudson would rather be someone else these days.

Now add in a lawsuit filed against her and celebrity hairdresser David Babaii by 220 Laboratories.

The company claims it had an oral agreement with the two to use 220’s “secret indredient” in a line of hair-care products developed by Hudson and her hairdresser business partner.

E! reports, that 220 Laboratories agreed to manufacture a hair-care line called David Babaii for Wildaid, using a special formula made with volcanic ash found on the Vanuatu Islands.

However, “after months of dealings and a change in the Wildaid management,” Kate and David took the secret ingredient to a less-costly competing manufacturer.

Way to go, K-Hud! After getting hot and heavy with a multitude of guys over and over again, volcanic ash seems like the last thing you need to get involved with.

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