Tara Reid Is Selling the Bikini Off Her Back

Tara Reid is set to debut Mantra, her new line of bikinis, at the Project Fashion show in Las Vegas on Monday, according to Popcrunch.

“It’s about putting into the universe what you want in life. Red means love, pink is friendship, green is lucky, black is protection,” Tara said in a statement.

“You’re gonna have a story when you wear this bikini or when you put this dress on. You’ll either get love or meet a new friend or you might meet a guy.”

Or you might meet several. In your room. At the same time. If anyone knows her way around skimpy swimwear, it’s Reid.

All she really seems to do is travel from party to party, and beach to beach, accompanied by a bottle of booze and showing off her plastic surgery mistakes in a variety of bikinis.

Is she even still an actress?

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