Tom Cruise Vs. Ethan Hawke: Who’s Your Daddy?

Ethan Hawke and Tom Cruise both stepped out with their kids.

The dutiful dads each wore a pair of shades, and their daughters were swathed in green.

But while Tom was all smiles for the paparazzi, Ethan wore his typical angry scowl.

Tom and wife Katie Holmes kept baby Suri under wraps for months before showing her off to the world, but Ethan has been seen toting 37-day-old Clementine out in the open all over New York. However, he seems to have switched tactics.

Ethan’s doing a bit of multi-tasking, what with the baby-toting, dog-walking and coffee break all in one.

Meanwhile, Suri is getting all of Tom’s attention. And when she gets annoyed with the noise from a nearby helicopter, he tries to make her laugh with a doll.

At least it looks like a doll…mutated with the limbs a teddy bear. Maybe it’s an alien?