Justin Timberlake’s Clothing Line: Redneck Love Story

Justin Timberlake has relaunched his William Rast clothing line with a series of online dramatic trailers.

In them, Timberlake gets his acting on as “William Rast.” Rast seems to be an outlaw holed up in a backwoods shanty with his sexy but unnamed love.

It’s full-on Smokey and the Bandit drama, as Timberlake and lady are chased by dogs, and arrested. A gunshot is heard. One way or another, this day in the life will probably end with a bang.

justin timberlake as william rast video grab

Timberlake, who started the line with “best buddy” in nudity Trace Ayala, is, of course, dressed in the Rast line as he holes up in the forest.

If they can afford the nice clothes, why live in a shack?

And there’s swearing in one of the clips! It’s like the final shovelful of dirt on the grave of N*Sync!

But Timberlake cannot help but be fashion forward; he claims to have created the trucker cap trend

You know Britney Spears campaigned to play the redneck beauty! She’s got the background!