Rihanna and Chris Brown: Ready to Shack Up?

Wow; apparently the housing crisis is so bad that Rihanna and Chris Brown are willing to further fuel rumors of a relationship if it means saving money on a place.

Star Magazine
reports that show biz’s coyest couple are shopping for a condo in the Los Angeles area together, with a particular interest in Beverly Hills’ Sierra Tower.

While this might seem like proof positive that the two singers are, in fact, romantically involved, the cohabitation scheme could be purely for financial reasons. Last week it was reported that Rihanna may be broke, perhaps due her crippling retail addiction.

Whatever the reason, Rihanna and Chris are barreling ahead with the plan. Ri-Ri even has real-estate listings e-mailed to her when she’s out of town.

“She and Chris want to live together,” the magazine’s source claims. “They play their music loud though, so they want a condo that’s soundproof.”

Presumably, they’ll also require ample closet space, and a color scheme that masks any spills or stains from unfortunate zit-popping mishaps.