Taryn Manning Looks Awfully Familiar

After serving as an inspiration for violence during this year’s Jesse Metcalfe-Mams Taylor brawl, Taryn Manning looks like she’s all about good vibes these days.

The Boomkat vocalist and aspiring actress has been all Age of Aquarius chic in Los Angeles lately, decked in headbands and loose-fitting frocks.

There’s a lot of that going around these days. Lindsay Lohan. Mischa Barton. Ashlee Simpson. Even those eye-gouging banshees on America’s Next Top Model are putting on a hippie face.

Is Manning hoping to goose her so-far-disappointing acting career by jumping on the Peace Train and going all Julie Patchouli for the paps?

Not cool, Taryn; bogarting someone else’s style can lead to bad karma. Some of the chicks you’re biting from aren’t doing so hot in the karma department.