‘Disaster Movie’ Is Upon Us

Mark your laugh riot calendar for August 29.

The newest one of those spoof flicks that clowns on every movie and pop cultural phenomenon of the past six months comes out Friday night.

It’s called Disaster Movie, and it stars Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Minnillo.

Kim and Carmen share a ladies wrestling scene in the movie that is sure to pack drooling fanboys in the aisles.

Thankfully, this movie was shot before Kim barely averted the disaster of her cut toe.

The movie, a take-off of, well, disaster movies, skewers subjects such as Sex and the City, The Incredible Hulk, Miley Cyrus, Batman, Wanted, Amy Winehouse and Hancock.

So it’s a fairly timely project. Fifty years from now, people watching it aren’t going to know what the hell all those things are.