George Clooney Is Losing His Touch

George Clooney Is Losing His Touch-photo

It may have been premature to predict Las Vegas cocktail waitress Sarah Larson's path to world domination following her split with George Clooney a few months back.

Larson's most prominent press lately is a Page Six report that she played around on Clooney.

"Sin City sources say that while the former cocktail waitress was dating Clooney, she 'came to Vegas for a weekend and cheated on him' with a media mogul."

Hold the phone...she cheated on him? Either George has officially lost his mojo, or this gal has a blacklist wish.

Alas, karma works in funny ways. Now that Sarah's post-Clooney modeling gigs have dried up, she's apparently dating Joey Vanas, referred to as a "minor-league promoter."

Well, good with that, Sarah. Oh, and scotch and soda...on the rocks.



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