Hilary Duff’s Dad Jailed for not Funding Birthday Party

Hilary Duff’s mother Susan took her ex-husband and Hil’s father to court to obtain $25,000 from him to fund Hilary’s 21st birthday party.

Bob Duff ended up being led out of the courtroom in handcuffs. He was found to have violated a court order that prevented him from selling off assets and sentenced to ten days.

“This isn’t what I wanted,” Susan wailed as Bob was led away, according to the  Houston Chronicle.

Well, yeah. You’re not going to get that 25K check now for streamers, party hats and Hilary’s pony ride.

Bob Duff must present $367,537 he got from selling stocks to a court repository while he and Mrs. Duff extend their two-and-a-half-year-long divorce proceedings.

Susan needed money for the manicured Hil’s birthday, she says, because Bob’s  $10,000 a month alimony payments are not enough to “pay my own bills” let alone a 21st birthday bash for the hard-working Hilary.

“I know he’s a millionaire, and he’s got the funds,” she said prior to the arrest.

Mom Duff reportedly wants Hilary to have a birthday celebration to rival the one older sister Haylie had in 2006.

Uh, can’t Hilary afford her own party at this point?

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