Jessica Simpson: Totally Into Tony

It’s been a rocky romantic road for Jessica Simpson, but the would-be country singer wants the world to know that she’s finally found the “perfect guy” in Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

“I just told him today, ‘You’re the love of my life,'” Simpson tells People magazine. “I don’t really ever say that to anybody.”

The former Mrs. Lachey also tells the magazine, “I’m not a jealous girlfriend.”

Uh, Jessica? Have you been diving deep into those Stampede beers? Or are your Daisy Dukes so tight that they’ve cut off the circulation to your brain?

Didn’t you recently admit that you hacked into Tony’s call log to make sure he wasn’t ringing up his ex, Carrie Underwood? That doesn’t sound like non-jealous behavior.

Oh well; given her admitted history of abuse, Jessica will probably continue to see Romo as her knight in shining armor as long as she doesn’t experience any domestic mishaps.

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