John Mayer Keeps a Spare Girlfriend

John Mayer Keeps a Spare Girlfriend-photo

John Mayer might not be a Boy Scout, but he takes that whole "be prepared" thing pretty seriously.

OK! Magazine reports that the puppy-eyed crooner and experienced woodsman, who recently got the ax from Jennifer Aniston, is already making the New York club rounds with a reliable female companion.

Mayer was out at Big Apple hot spots Nobu and La Esquina recently, accompanied by a "familiar brunette." According to a witness, Mayer "opened doors for her and was a real gentleman. This girl seems to be on the sidelines for whenever John is single. She always pops up in the most unexpected places."

A familiar brunette who's always popping up in unexpected places, huh?

This mystery may have been solved. But now there are so many other questions...



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