Mädchen Amick’s Chace Crawford Kiss-and-Tell

Chace Crawford: Cougar magnet.

Between Jennifer Aniston and Crawford’s latest on-screen Gossip Girl love interest, Mädchen Amick, the 23-year-old actor is sure to have all the elder dames of Hollywood’s tongues-a-wagging by year’s end.

“He’s a very good kisser,” Amick, 37, tells People. “If anyone gets the opportunity to kiss him, he will not disappoint.”

Get your voyeuristic kicks watching Chace and Mädchen paw each other in the five-minute preview of Gossip Girl’s upcoming season, which kicks off Monday night.

As for her younger co-stars on the show, Twin Peaks star Amick says, “They seem to be very mature, savvy, young actors…They all seem to have level heads.”

That’s because they’re all too busy making love, not war.