Morning Frills #39: ‘Myer Takes You Higher’ Edition

Walk into the typical American department store, and you’ll encounter a geriatric greeter in a blue vest stained with denture adhesive and Metamucil.

In Australia, they do things differently.

Aussie department store Myer held its Spring Summer Fashion Launch 2009 at Byron Kennedy Hall in Sydney Wednesday, showcasing the pulse-escalating styles of the future.

The catwalk cavalcade featured Jennifer Hawkins, who, aside from winning the Miss Universe crown in 2004, currently serves as host and judge for Australian reality show Make Me a Supermodel. Which kind of makes her the Down Under version of Tyra Banks.

She looks really, really good half-undressed. And fully dressed, too. That’s a rare talent, people.

The theme of this year’s presentation is “Here Comes the Sun.”

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