Trend Spotting with Kim Kardashian: Cinch It!

Remember that Saturday Night Live skit from the ’90s?—Cinch and belt it! You may not believe me, but that phrase completely encapsulates a hot trend right now! Who knew David Spade and the late Chris Farley were such fashion futurists! Almost anything in your closet can be brought up-to-date with the perfect belt. And don’t wear your high-waisted trousers without one! Let me explain the cinched look further…

Bring It In
Short of a corset, belts and tailored bottoms are the chosen tool this season to accentuate your waistline. Even some of the latest fall jackets fall below the waist, come with built-in belts and are tailored flaunt that high-waist look. And remember to tuck in your shirt when you don skirts, shorts and slacks with a high waist! How else are you going to flaunt that hot waist of yours?

Create An Hourglass Illusion
Whether you think you have a large waist or perhaps a bit of a belly pooch, don’t be fearful of this form-accentuating look. Listen here, ladies: Sara Blakely made millions on her Spanx line for a reason. No matter how much you workout, a pair of Spanx can always come in handy. And yes, there are plenty of other brands to pick from when it comes to waist-slimming undergarments. Another way to create the illusion is to belt a baggier shirt or dress and create gathers at the top and bottom of the waist that form a little more volume, which make your cinched-in, belted area look smaller.

Work With What You’ve Got
A lot of clothes out now come with a built-in, high waistline—especially trousers—but that doesn’t mean you have to throw out your shift dresses and baggy tops from last year. Simply belt them! If you’re working with a smaller budget, pick out that perfect pair of versitile high-waisted pants or a pencil skirt that inches up higher on the rib cage. However, I also highly recommend you also spend your extra dollars on an array of belts to make your old oufits come to life this fall. 

Here are some places to get great, affordable belts:

  • Urban Outfitters has a ton of great belts wide and thin. Here is one that is ultra versitile in dark brown—a classic, intellectual look that is popular for fall.
  • I am loving this black rope belt with chunky gold links from Bebe.
  • This thin, yellow, double wrap belt from Nordstrom is super cute. (It also comes in black.)


Want to know how celebrities and I are cinching and belting? Check out these photos!