Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift: Jonas-Betrothed

Oh, those wiley Jonas Brothers.

Hitting up NYC watering hole Tao with Joe and Nick’s not-quite-confirmed partners in chastity Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift wasn’t the smartest move if they want to keep things under wraps.

But these bros are a sneaky lot. Rather than reveal their relationship status to the paparazzi (all Timberbiel-style), they instructed their gal pals to walk out of the joint holding hands.

Way to throw ‘em off, fellas! Seems like you wacky kids have been listening to too much Katy Perry.

Hey, when you all finally get over this whole virgin thing, there are so many new experiences out there waiting for you.

And, look—one of your cutesie little entourage seems to have already drank the Kool-Aid!