Super-Casual Friday With Madonna

What’s going on with America’s aging pop stars?

First Michael Jackson celebrates his 50th birthday by wandering around outdoors in his pajama bottoms.

And now Madonna, who also recently turned 50, made a super-unglamorous journey through the security gates at Berlin’s Schoenefeld airport, clad in a bathrobe.

Why not complete the look with curlers and a mud mask, Madge?

Maybe she just doesn’t want to keep Alex Rodriguez waiting. But for someone who was once lauded for her sense of style, Guy Ritchie’s old lady sure does seem determined to frump it up lately. And no, the fact that the robe has “Dancing Queen” embroidered on the back does not make it all okay.

Save the puttering around in a bathrobe for the retirement home, Madonna. You’ll be there soon enough.

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