How To Live Like…John Mayer

John Mayer, A-list hottie and notorious Hollywood casanova, certainly lives the good life.  With his millions of fans, panoply of cars, and myriad of women, who wouldn’t want to take a stroll in Johnny’s shoes? 

Well now you can!  Celebuzz breaks it down for you so you can kick it like John Mayer.


While John Mayer is certainly a looker no matter what he does, the singer takes certain measures to look his best.  For starters, he never leaves home without his tube of Kiehl’s lip balm, so his lips keep looking luscious and sexy.

Another important factor in his bruting good looks is his ever-improving hair do.  Who could ever forget John’s shaggy locks, or how darn sexy he looked when he chopped them off?


John, like so many other celebs, is a frequenter of the Equinox Gym.  He’s also a fan of jogging with his trainer, and Krav Maga, an intensive form of self-defense used by the Israeli army.

John also likes to bring a little extra attention to his guns by covering them in tattoos. Nothing screams bad-ass like an armful of ink.


John, like the rest of Hollywood, is a huge sushi fan.  He’s actually a fan of all Japanese food for that matter and can often be spotted at Nobu.  Other Mayer favorites include kobe beef, veal, chocolate milk, reese’s pieces, and A1 steak sauce because according to John, you can put it “on anything”.


John, who always claimed to be a fan of the simpler joys in life, such as kicking back with friends, writing his music, or prancing around in neon mankinis, has recently become known for quite a few other hobbies as well.  Dating hot starlets, getting a little too friendly with fans, as well as duet partners, and forming alliances with certain members of the paparazzi, to name a few.  He’s also been spending a decent amount of his time earning the coveted title of Hollywood playboy


See for yourself how John Mayer goes about his days, and keep an eye out to see where his libido takes him next.

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