Is Kirsten Dunst Done With the Big Screen?

Is Kirsten Dunst Done With the Big Screen?-photo

Kirsten Dunst, everyone's favorite Interview With the Vampire dimpled child star and Spiderman heroine, has recently kept her distance from the silver screen.

Where has the former A-list actress has been hiding? Why is someone who's had such a long-running career hiding in the first place?

Kirsten Dunst is only popping up on the gossip circuit when she's acting as a rebound hook-up, entering rehab for a number of suspected reasons, topping worst dressed lists, or showing up on set with a questionable shiner.

Will Kirsten Dunst ever again be that knew and loved A-list starlet?

Keep an eye out for her 2009 film, All Good Things, co-starring Ryan Gosling and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  Maybe Kiki can generate some buzz beyond a rumored fling.



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  • hispanicatthedisco

    Noooooo!!!!! The world needs a giant Kirsten Dunst splashed across the screen!!!!!