Kristen Bell: Pretty In Pink

Kristen Bell: Pretty In Pink-photo

Heroes star, Kristen Bell, a frequenter of the red carpet, has made it clear to the public what color she feels best in. 

The blonde bombshell is more often than not clad in pink; light pink, hot pink, purplish pink, reddish pink; basically every shade of pink known to woman. A little variety once in a while might be a nice treat, Kristen.

So what is it about pink that keeps Kristen such a loyal promoter of the color?  It does go nicely with her blonde locks.  And the color gives the illusion that the starlet is just a few inches taller.

She only ever strays from the color to hit the beach or booze it up in a Roman fountain.

Check out the gallery to the right to see the many pinks of Kristen Bell.



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