Josh Hartnett Is a Library Lover

Josh Hartnett—pictured here leaving the Apollo Theater—is in London for his debut in Rain Main. And he recently gave the staff at the Soho Hotel the performance of a lifetime.

Hartnett brought an unnamed female companion back to the hotel after a night out, and made a beeline for the hotel’s library, according to the Mirror.

“Josh and the girl were getting pretty hot and heavy,” a source said.

Hartnett seems to be doing better at scoring birds than getting into London’s hot spots.

After adjourning to the library, Hartnett pulled the curtain at the entrance to shield his activities from a prying public.

Unbeknowest to him, the Soho wants to keep track of their books. So the hotel staff witnessed the literary lechery on closed circuit TV.

“This means their every spit and cough was recorded, and cringing hotel workers saw all of Josh’s X-rated moves,” the source added.

The plus side is it was probably better than most of his movies.