Guy Ritchie and Madonna ‘RocknRolla’ at Premiere

They may no longer share a bed or talk to each other on the phone, but film director Guy Ritchie and ceaseless self-promoter Madonna can still put on a brave face for the cameras.

The increasingly estranged couple attended the world premiere of Ritchie’s latest cinematic effort, RocknRolla, at the Odeon West End in London Monday night. Guy was uncharacteristically clean-shaven for the event, while his wife-for-now was uncharacteristically un-mummy-like.

Also in attendance: Guy’s father John Ritchie and not, as some attendees may have assumed, former New York City mayor Ed Koch.

Due for American release later this year, RocknRolla is a crime/action thriller revolving around a real-estate scam. Earlier buzz that the film might be a documentary about a pop icon who finds love or something like it with a major-league ball player proved unfounded.