Leighton Meester: Born in the Big House

Leighton Meester: Born in the Big House-photo

Spotted: Leighton Meester's family tree, which apparently has branches in the slammer.

The Gossip Girl actress plays private school snob Blair Waldorf. But she was born while her mother was serving a sentence in a Texas federal prison, according to Star.

"The mom was allowed to stay in a halfway house for the birth, but had to return to prison on the day Leighton turned three months. The future star was raised by a relative while mom served out her sentence for her role in a major drug-running ring."

Meester's CW bio notes that she was born in Marco Island, Florida. And Star says her father, grandfather and aunt all did hard time for drug dealing.

Guess this answers the question of what she's been hiding while sneaking around the Gossip set.

So was Blake Lively's recent electric-chair-inspired 'do somehow a dig at co-star Leighton's notorious family history?



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  • leightonfan

    Someone said she was born in a jail. No, she wasn't. She was born in a hospital. She said it is true that her mom got involved with those things, but it's not part of her life. She didn't even know about that until she was 8.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    That is so incredibly hot that I cannot stand it. I bet she got a rad tattoo while she was in there too. I'll be in my bunk....