Siegfried and Roy: Still Crazy After All These Years

Siegfried and Roy were photographed at their specially-built habitat at the Mirage in Las Vegas, playing with tiger cubs.

This might be some sort of therapy. Or perhaps the mental scars have healed after a horrific incident in 2003 when Roy Horn was pounced on by one of their stage show tigers.

He sustained severe blood loss, partial paralysis caused by a stroke and was in critical condition for several weeks afterward.

Their famous stage show, involving all sorts of magic and wildlife at the Mirage, had to be ended in the wake of Roy’s brutal injuries.

Despite the ending of their stage show, the duo maintain their tiger habitat as an attraction at the Mirage.

Siegfriend and Roy have never blamed Montecore, the seven-year-old tiger that reportedly was attempting to drag Roy off stage by his vulnerable neck not realizing he wasn’t a tiger cub, for Roy’s injuries.

Roy famously told authorities not to “harm the tiger” while being rushed to the hospital.

Now that’s forgiveness. But Roy’s not the only star who has sought comfort in animals after a terrible accident occurred.