‘90210’, Yeah!

The reviews for last night’s 90210 premiere are in, and…well, they’re not that hot.

Critics—perhaps harboring a grudge that they weren’t given advance screenings for the episode—weren’t particularly kind to 90210 v2.0. The Boston Globe panned the debut as “pretty bad,” while Variety characterized the revamp as “a pallid copy of the original fish out of water story only with shinier cars, fancier clothes and Botox aplenty.”

Ouch! But it’s doubtful that the barbs are stinging Shanae Grimes, Michael Steger and the rest of the gang today. According to Adweek, the 90210 debut netted the CW its highest ratings for a debut yet and overall top numbers for the 18-49 demo, trumping even the stellar numbers for Gossip Girl’s Season Two debut.

In your face, critics! Some people obviously knew better.

In case you weren’t among the millions tuned in last night, check out the highly-anticipated reunion of Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth below.

Wait…no bloodshed? Oh well. There’s always next week.