Britney Spears: I Love My…Messy Buns

Britney Spears, the once notorious princess of pop, has had to overcome quite a few obstacles in the past few years.

Somewhere along the roller coaster ride of Brit’s life, a signature look has emerged: the messy bun. 

The messy bun, a style meant for occasions such as trips to the gym, lazy days at the pool, or jaunts to the beach, is the staple in Ms. Spears’ daily appearance. 

With her constant throng of paparazzi documenting her every move, she might take a minute to wash her weave and drag a comb through it.

Maybe her appearance at the VMAs will introduce a whole new Britney look.

Or not.

Check out the gallery to the right to see Britney’s typical hairstyle, times 12.