Heidi Montag’s Vice Presidential Outrage

Songstress and photo opportunist Heidi Montag would like to know who this Alaskan governor person is and why John McCain picked her over the obvious choice for Republican vice-presidential candidate.

Which would be Heidi Montag.

“I can’t believe it,” The Hills villainess joked, according to People. “Blondes have more fun. I guess he doesn’t know that.”

Montag, a vocal McCain supporter, even had lunch with the Republican nominee’s daughter to butter up McCain. It didn’t work.

“He picked a girl and it wasn’t Heidi,” Montag’s boyfriend, Spencer Pratt, said. “Not picking Heidi for the vice president. It’s just cold.”

Actually, despite questionable taste choices on Heidi’s part, Montag isn’t the worst choice McCain could have made.