Ladies of Prime Time Earn Big

According to Forbes, the women of Prime-Time TV—especially Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy and the stars of Desperate Housewives—are ranking in the big bucks.

Tyra Banks tops the list with a fierce $23 million while smokin’ Katherine Heigl earned $13 million for scrubbing in on Grey’s, coupling with Seth Rogan in Knocked Up and bridesmaiding in 27 Dresses. She also cashed in on a slew of endorsement deals.

Though these ladies are making serious coin, men are still bringing home heavier paychecks. Simon Cowell made $50 million from American Idol while co-commentator Paula Abdul only banked $5 million, including income from her frightening reality show Hey Paula.

Hmmm. Does Simon earn more because he’s better at dashing dreams or because he’s a man?