Mackenzie Phillips: Two Felonies in One Bust!

Faded actress Mackenzie Phillips is famous again, but not in any way she’d like to be.

TMZ reports that the One Day at a Time actress has been charged with two felony drug possession counts—one for heroin and one for cocaine—along with misdemeanor possession of hypodermic needles.

Mackenzie was arrested last week when she attempted to pass through security at Los Angeles International Airport.

Packets of heroin and cocaine, along with dozens of hypodermic syringes, were allegedly discovered in the 48-year-old show-biz kid’s belongings.

Following her arrest, the daughter of the Mamas and the Papas mastermind John Phillips initially refused to be bailed out of the Van Nuys jail. A day later, she accepted the help of half sister Bijou Phillips and left the facility.

Phillips has apparently taken the next indicated action and entered a rehab facility.

Here’s hoping all the best for Mackenzie, but rehab has a varied success rate at best among celebrities.