Matthew McConaughey’s Goon Squad Gets Charged

Matthew McConaughey’s ever-expanding mellowness is about to get harshed by Johnny Law again. But this time, it has nothing to do with bongos, dope and nudity.

The Associated Press reports that Sklyar Peak and Philip Hildebrand, who got into a dust-up with paparazzi in Malibu after the photogs tried to snap McConaughey riding the waves, have been charged with misdemeanor battery in connection to the June incident.

One of the photographers involved in the melee—which was captured on videotape—claims that the pair threw his camera into the ocean after they demanded that he put it away.

Peak and Hildebrand will be arraigned in October.

Peak’s publicist (a surf thug with a publicist—gotta love L.A.), Howard Bragman, asserts, “We believe that a complete investigation, including looking at the tapes, will show that Skylar defended himself.”

And if not, maybe McConaughey can kick down some of his baby-photo millions for his protectors’ defense fund. The whole situation could use a dose of irony.