Tiffani Thiessen Won’t Be Moving Back to ‘90210’

Tiffani Thiessen tells Us that she doesn’t want to be included in the new 90210 series, which premiered Tuesday night on the CW

She has left the willingness to reprise her role as vixen Valerie Malone behind her, along with the “Amber” part of her name.

“I wish them all the luck, but I’m just so in a different place right now,” Thiessen, 34, said at the Nike + Human Race in L.A. this past weekend.

“I’ve just gone in a different direction for me.”

Perhaps a lot of other networks are beating down her door.

Thiessen appeared with buddy and original 90210 core cast member Jason Priestley at the race. Jason was sporting a major Unabomber beard.

Tiff just might have good instincts. The CW declined to let critics preview the premiere, which is never a good sign.