Adrian Grenier: No Age Limit in Dating

Man, Adrian Grenier’s had a really lousy summer.

First, no establishment in the Hamptons wanted to foot the bill for his 32nd birthday bash. Come on! What’s a measly fifty grand? It’s Adrian-freakin’-Grenier!

Then the Entourage star lost his gal Isabel Lucas to a fellow actor almost 10 years his junior. Cheer up, though, Ade. They say your thirties are the new twenties.

But just when Grenier’s life appeared to have gone completely to the dogs, he’s seen out with the one woman who will snuggle up and love him unconditionally—his grandma!

Adrian took granny Priscilla Rubio as his date to the Entourage Season Five premiere party at Mansion in New York City.

And she looks like the type who’d whack him with her pocketbook if he tried to get fresh.