Anne Hathaway: Over Her Felon, Onto Josh Lucas

FBI darling Anne Hathaway (seen here at the Rachel Getting Married premiere at the Venice Film Festival) seems to be getting over her break-up with the incarcerated Rafaello Follieri by taking up with actor Josh Lucas.

The couple were seen by Life&Style spies at Earl’s restaurant during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, giggling it up at a cozy dinner for two.

It’s nice that Anne has found it in her to laugh and try to find love again.

Some believe she had to snitch out Follieri to the FBI for his shady business dealings. He’s currently awaiting trial.

Apparently, Anne was paying Rafaello’s $37,000-a-month rent in NYC’s Olympic Tower while he was out swindling people.

No wonder why she gave up her private diaries to the Feds!